frequency distribution

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1. the specific location or arrangement of continuing or successive objects or events in space or time.
2. the extent of a ramifying structure such as an artery or nerve and its branches.
3. the geographical range of an organism or disease.
frequency distribution in statistics, a mathematical function that describes the distribution of measurements on a scale for a specific population.
normal distribution a symmetrical distribution of scores with the majority concentrated around the mean; for example, that representing a large number of independent random events. It is in the shape of a bell-shaped curve. Called also gaussian distribution. See illustration.
 Normal distribution. The approximate percentage of the area (or frequency) lying under the curve between standard deviations is indicated. From Dorland's, 2000.
probability distribution a mathematical function that assigns to each measurable event in a sample group the probability that the event will occur.
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fre·quen·cy dis·tri·bu·tion

a statistical description of raw data in terms of the number or frequency of items characterized by each of a series or range of values of a continuous variable.
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frequency distribution

A table or histogram showing the number of times each value of a particular variable occurs in a sample.
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Fig. 166 Frequency distribution . A distribution based on 9 numbers.

frequency distribution

an arrangement of statistical data in order of the frequency of each size of the variable. For example, the numbers 2,3,5,3,4,2,1,3,4 would have the frequency distribution shown in Fig. 166. Data from a large sample often produces a NORMAL DISTRIBUTION CURVE.
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The frequency distribution of Nsukka Indigenous and Jos with their F3 and F4 hybrids with respect to fruit number was as shown in Figure 7 a, b, c and d.
where NA = number of sample units, C = permitted error, x = population mean, and kc = common parameter of aggregation of the negative binomial frequency distribution (0.9134) determined previously.
Table-3: Frequency distribution, mean age and mean size of sex cord stromal, metastatic and miscellaneous tumours.
Age Wise Frequency Distribution of Respondents with Pre-Existing Corneal Astigmatism treated with Toric Multifocal IOL Implant
The frequency distribution curve of karst aquifer conductivity can well reflect the hydrological characteristics of karst water and the composition of runoff components.
Regarding the gene ACTN3 R3557X frequency distributions in Brazilian elite soccer players, the genotype RX>RR>XX and the allele R>X and the gene ACE I/D distribution, the genotype ID>DD>II and allele D>I.
Since the wind speed is an amount of random nature, we proceed to realize the frequency distribution of the wind speed, with speeds intervals of 1.0 m/s, just like it is observed in Table 2, and finally we elaborate the respective frequency histograms (Figure 3).
Investigation of different variants resumes in following three simple formulas that behave better with sparse frequency distributions and in the first case also with denser distributions, e.g.
In environmental sciences, use of one kind of data from different sites to form homogeneous regions from these sites with respect to some common hydrological and geographical features and further to estimate the suitable frequency distribution of these homogenous regions gives shape to RFA (Hosking and Wallis, 1997).
In this article, we explore a different perspective in order to estimate the frequency distribution of soft QCD particles inside events.

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