distribution curve

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dis·tri·bu·tion curve

a systematic grouping of data into classes or categories according to the frequency of occurrence of each successive value or ranges of such values, resulting in a graph of a frequency distribution.
Synonym(s): frequency curve
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Caption: Figure 9: Sensitivity and cumulative frequency curve of vertical load of the main landing gear.
6b), the two group-velocity spectra reported in Figures 6c and 6d and the Rayleigh-wave Particle Motion (RPM) frequency curve reported in Figure 7.
Caption: FIGURE 6: (a) Phase versus frequency curve of the readout coil when the Q factor [Q.sub.2] increased and (b) the influence of [Q.sub.2] on the value of [DELTA][[theta].sub.1] and [DELTA][[theta].sub.2].
From the frequency image and 2D curve, we find that the effective anatomical contours concentrate on the minimum 2% of the frequency curve. In Figure 2, the frequency curve at each position is the average of 10 images of the same radiological position in the same coordinate system, and the curve features shown are significantly different among the positions.
It indicates the highest point of the frequency curve. However, in case of bi-modality--as commonly found with coffee--the mode can be misleading because it looks at the highest peak only.
Figure 2 presents the results of an examination of the impact of landscape control upon both the frequency and magnitude of runoff response expressed in terms of the flood frequency curve. Note that the total area of the landscape, [A.sub.C] + [A.sub.S], is the same for all simulations reported here.
Akio Watanabe and Hitoshi Iba have devised an algorithm that takes eight frequency curves from human samples with random parameters and feeds them into a Vocaloid program.
For example, transformers as a class have a unique pattern of failure, but one failure frequency curve typically generalizes the analysis.
When this plot is compared to the normal curve for number of births versus birth weight, it can be seen that the peak in the birth weight frequency curve is to the left of the lowest point on the NNM vs.
The two frequencies can be clearly recognized by the projected WT frequency curve in Fig.
frequency curve of a typical combination type antenna.
If a frequency curve has a small number of extreme lower values, it will appear to have a very steep slope to the peak.

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