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1. Frenzied; maniacal.
2. A person exhibiting such behavior.
[G. phrenitikos, frenzied]
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THERE'S been a fair bit of banter between us warm-hearted, openminded and perceptive Brummies and those unfriendly, prejudiced souls who live in that blob of gloom, selfishness and unnecessary freneticism that is known as London.
but they form a good framework of initial inquiry (and thus rightly constrain the freneticism of category [2]): the transmission of Avicenna's thought from Khur[a.
After a season spent having a look at the peculiar freneticism of the Premier League, and a full summer's break behind him, who knows what the Russian enigma could produce next season?
Its narrator is an unidentified author struggling with the freneticism of the Twitter generation: "There is no more public or private.
You're in a place where the freneticism of the rest of the world isn't here," Mr.
To the extent that the unity of our consciousness and the quality of our authenticity are put under strain by our technologically diffracted and mediated culture, service aesthetics intends to satisfy the viewer-client not only in the fulfillment of the specific service rendered but in offering precisely that generosity invoked by Prvacki, which affirms a sense of self for the individual client that may have gone missing in the congestion, freneticism, and disenfranchisement of service culture.
This string of murders, occurring in successive scenes (scene 6 excepted but it is only three lines long), plays with an almost farcical freneticism on stage.
The blurriness in the 'bakery' shot on page 55 depicts a certain freneticism as the bakers work to feed the men their daily bread, but it also shows the rubble behind the Aldershot ovens, indicating all too clearly the close proximity of shelling and difficult living and working conditions.
Always keep in mind that a reverse auction, despite its freneticism and black-and-white nature, is still about seeking to produce a product at a profit.
Fashion shows have a freneticism and excitement all of their own.