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1. Frenzied; maniacal.
2. A person exhibiting such behavior.
[G. phrenitikos, frenzied]
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Police intervened while the students were frenetically trying to prize Abdullah from washroom.
That's a pretty unexpected moral takeaway for a kids' movie, and it's just one surprise of many in "The Angry Birds Movie," a fast, fizzy, and frenetically entertaining extension of the manic gaming franchise that, at its zenith, had children of all ages glued to their smart-phone screens.
Variation number one was announced by one of the three male dancers who then began to move frenetically as the musicians launched into the choppy Baroque opener.
Shostakovich's first cello concerto (1959), created for the legendary Russian cellist Mstislav Rostropovich, is a frenetically dynamic, emotionally intense and wickedly virtuosic work.
He recorded frenetically for MGM, putting out 11 studio albums between 1965 and 1973 as well as a soundtrack for "The Fastest Guitar Alive," a movie in which Orbison starred.
I think the game will start frenetically and then we will see what happens when it cools down a bit.
Smith's prose dances around frenetically, themes tackled in short bursts and then packed away.
Frenetically paced, Penguins Of Madagascar initially sketches the back story of the four plucky Antarctic critters with a beak for adventure through the lens of a documentary film crew, keen to observe the flightless birds in their treacherous natural habitat.
And Bshary and his colleagues have proposed that roving coralgroupers signal partners to hunt: The fish frenetically shake their heads in front of giant moray eel hideouts and start a two-species joint hunting expedition.
The dozen male choristers were not only vocally strong, but also frenetically fimny.
Everything in the song is propulsion, barreling forward frenetically.
Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers knows his team is not yet good enough to totally dominate an entire match so he is trying to control proceedings by starting frenetically in a bid to take a defendable lead.