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1. Frenzied; maniacal.
2. A person exhibiting such behavior.
[G. phrenitikos, frenzied]
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Inasmuch as solid activity has been continuing in the Downtown market as well as Midtown, we have all been scrambling for available space for our customers at a frenetic pace.
This week's Christmas edition of the fly-on-the-wall documentary focuses on the frenetic struggle to help people with their last-minute travel arrangements for the holidays.
Everything was done at frenetic speed, yet there were many moments that stuck in memory: two girls with languid limbs that soared in wide arcs around each other like snakes; the sudden change from punctuated pointe stabbing to flat-heeled brisk walking; the dancers (thirteen in all) gyrating in waves of movement, then bouncing off unseen springboards.
But the footage is so chaotic, the crowd so frenetic, and Mick Jagger's movements so jerky that the reversed version seems barely different from the forward.
New York City's commercial real estate market continues to grow at a frenetic pace, causing an enormous amount of movement for new and expanding businesses.
Initially sweet, it turns into an increasingly frenetic farce.
In its late stages of development, the frenetic piece was previewed in the Opera Amphitheater, where it received an enthusiastic reception.
Their success, however, also in a sense led to the demise of the gallery, since the frenetic market interest in many of these artists' work increased the number of more powerful dealers vying for their attention.
One way to successfully navigate this frenetic housing market, where buyers, sellers and a telephone-book worth of brokers collide, is by taking advantage of the strategic alliances cooperative and condominium property managers are forging with residential real estate brokerages.
When I look at these bright and beautiful canvases, I cannot help but visualize the frenetic activity of the artist trying not to lose control.
Activity in the city's co-op and condominium market has turned a bit more frenetic as buyers turn anxious to close sales before mortgage rates rise further, while asking prices in some market segments have firmed, reports Karen Berman, vice president/director of sales for The Argo Corporation.
The Korean selections were divided between handsomely produced evocations of traditional Korean dance and frenetic young hipster movement; high technical and production levels distinguished both.