freezing point depression

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freez·ing point de·pres·sion

(frēz'ing poynt dĕ-prĕs'shŭn)
A method used to determine osmotic concentration by comparing freezing point of a solution with values of a pure solvent. The lower the freezing point, the higher the osmotic pressure.
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Osmol uses the freezing point depression method to deliver results in just 90 seconds.
The industry-preferred freezing point depression method is used to deliver results in just two minutes.
We used a freezing point depression osmometer (Model 3320, Advanced Instruments Inc., Norwood, MA) to determine urine osmolality.
Maynard-Casely said that every scientist worth their salt uses this trick which is known as "freezing point depression," and that if you're out of salt, try using washing powder instead or anything in your house that dissolves in water.
Erythritol works well in frozen items, as it has good freezing point depression while replacing sugar and calories.
For example, to demonstrate freezing point depression, vacuums, and density of salt water, they made ice cream, which was a hit with their audience as they learned something new and got to try a tasty homemade treat.
So we connected a discussion of freezing point depression to the making of ice cream.
When used in ice-cream, C*Maltidex has a freezing point depression factor comparable to sucrose (unlike fructose and sorbitol, which both tend to lower the FPDF).
Sweeteners functionalities--which include sweetness, flavor and flavor enhancement, freezing point depression, boiling point elevation, caramelization, texturization, moisture management, and heat of dissolution--are largely determined by the size, molecular weight, solubility and colligative properties of the agent in question.