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1. In health care economics, to limit expenditures to current levels.
2. In health care economics, to block increases in reimbursement.

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Q. why my hands are getting purple and freezing?

A. thank you, but these answers are not correct answers for my question

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Unlike freezes, retailers are still able to access credit reports, just with fraud alerts attached.
Again, Sawatari is careful not to reveal any secrets, but he does say that the technology is based on electricity and can freeze sushi five times faster than the blast chilling method used on fishing trawlers, and 20 times faster than standard food industry processes.
The area is more susceptible now to freezes than it would have been in the late 1800s.
The process is called cryonics Derived from the Greek word for "cold," cryonics has drawn widespread interest since 1967, when a 73-year-old psychology professor who died of cancer became the first human ever put into deep freeze.
According to Dave Leatherman of the Colorado State Forest Service, many of the Siberian elms killed outright by the freeze are already shedding their bark, rendering them unsuitable for the beetles.
A classic estate freeze before the Revenue Act of 1987 typically involved recapitalization of a corporation with the business owner recasting most of his or her investment into preferred stock.
first asked his colleagues the question of what would happen as a water droplet freezes, he suspected that its shape would change, perhaps because water expands as it turns to ice.
Under equilibrium (ideal) conditions, pure metals melt and freeze at a single temperature; above that temperature they are completely liquid, below it, they are completely solid.