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1. In health care economics, to limit expenditures to current levels.
2. In health care economics, to block increases in reimbursement.
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Q. why my hands are getting purple and freezing?

A. thank you, but these answers are not correct answers for my question

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Label each bag or container with the name of the food and the date you put it in the freezer. Use permanent marker, and if you are using a reusable container, make a label with masking tape so you can peel it off and put a new one on next time.
In another incident, a woman was charged with manslaughter after she killed her 6-month-old son by leaving him in an Alabama motel room freezer. Amanda Gail Oakes, 36, was also charged with abuse of a corpse in December. A man who was traveling with Oakes, 28-year-old Carlton James Mathis of Gainesville, Georgia, was also arrested. Authorities determined the baby was in the freezer for five to six days.
Freezers are versatile appliances that act like a pause button for our food which is why we turn to our freezers whenever we want to store leftover meals.
'It would be difficult to say now how many Refrigerators and Deep Freezers were sold at this point in time, but the market dealers say the sale of both products are on the rise for the last two week,' he claimed.
Make sure food is safe when it goes in Harmful bacteria will rarely grow at freezer temperatures but you can accidentally make food unsafe before you put it in.
A fancy fridge that isn't grey, you get a lot of freezer space with this one, offering 50/50 each of fridge freezer.
Another source, however, said the two kids might be playing inside the money functioning deep freezer and got locked inside while there was no one at home to rescue the kids.
The food in your freezer that partially or completely thawed may be safely refrozen if it still contains ice crystals or is 40[degrees]F or below.
It is for this purpose that Dawlance came up with the idea of a convertible freezer for the first time in Pakistan,' he further added.
Torbjrn Persson, JBTs portfolio and applications director, explains, With this new spiral freezer, the FrigoBelt Nova conveyor simply rests on the flat surface of the chain.
The company added that the Cryometrix T-150 ULT freezer is a patented, large capacity, high efficiency, low temperature freezer ideally suited for pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications where precise, reliable temperature control is required.