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adj 1. relating to actions without proper qualifications.
2. relating to actions that purposely intend to deceive.
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In most cases the bank must pay by the end of the business day after the day the problem came to light, unless it has reasonable grounds for suspecting you have acted fraudulently.
According to the FIR total amount of Rs 4 million were fraudulently credited in the account of Misbah Bibi, and an amount of Rs 2.
The scammers use a fake DFSA application form to fraudulently offer a "Fund Status Recognition Certificate" ("FSRC") to applicants upon an advance payment of an application fee.
The Immigration department said Kimani was deported for fraudulently obtaining a visa to the country.
Manama: A Gulf national who obtained the Kuwaiti citizenship fraudulently by impersonating a dead Kuwaiti and later used his new status to naturalise 11 people has been arrested.
The oil shipment was fraudulently imported, without the required port load survey report and with inconsistencies in documentation in serious violation of Section 1113 of Republic Act No.
Officials say NADRA has so far re-verified some 91 million CNICs and detected 60,675 cards by non-nationals fraudulently.
20, 2013, Lopp walked into a branch of the Gulf Winds FCU and fraudulently secured an $8,000 cash advance, according to court documents.
Green, Whyte, David Whitehouse, 50, and Paul Clark, 51, face trial accused of fraudulently acquiring Rangers for a sum below the club's true value and acting to further serious organised crime.
A LABOURER from Pontypridd, who lied about his income and used the identities of others to fraudulently claim income tax repayments of more than PS33,700, has been jailed for two years at Merthyr Crown Court.
Ten individuals have been charged in New York with participating in and coordinating a series of staged motor vehicle accidents, as well as falsifying their involvement in other vehicular incidents, to fraudulently collect insurance payouts.
Margaret Murray-Shelley of Penderyn, Aberdare, and accountant Ernest Pulman, 63, of Mayals Road, Swansea, denied offences of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation, fraudulently trading between 2010 and 2012 and conspiracy to steal.