fraudulent concealment

fraudulent concealment,

n the deliberate attempt to withhold information or to conceal an act to avoid contractual responsibility. Fraudulent concealment as applied to health care providers arises when a treating doctor conceals from an aggrieved patient that a previous treating doctor may have committed malpractice.
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The lawsuit asserts claims for breach of contract, fraudulent inducement, fraudulent misrepresentation, negligent misrepresentation, intentional non-disclosure, and fraudulent concealment.
The lawsuit alleges fraudulent concealment and breach of fiduciary duty.
In a statement, Mezzion announced it was seeking "millions of dollars in damages for fraud, fraudulent concealment and other counts.
One example is fraudulent concealment of a right of action, where the statute may be tolled during the period of concealment.
In the Second Amended Complaint, Plaintiffs assert claims for intentional misrepresentation, fraudulent concealment, negligent misrepresentation, and constructive fraud.
3) Both cases display polar opposite outcomes to the question of whether fraudulent concealment by tortious defendants defeats meritorious claims brought beyond a three-year statute of limitations in wrongful death cases.
The patient also claimed fraudulent concealment because the ObGyn had suffered a serious injury 3 years earlier that affected his dexterity.
She added: "The jury awarded $75million of Debbie's claim in punitive damages, which reflects their anger over evidence we presented concerning fraudulent concealment.
John and Bianca are accusing Rinehart of fraudulent concealment, misleading and deceptive conduct, unconscionable conduct and breach of fiduciary duties.
Some case law tended towards a narrow reading of fraudulent concealment.
In these institutional (1) sex abuse suits, plaintiffs typically make allegations of fraudulent concealment by the institutional defendant or memory problems of the plaintiff in an attempt to avoid the statute of limitation.