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adj 1. relating to actions without proper qualifications.
2. relating to actions that purposely intend to deceive.
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The most common category of disturbing and spam calls are fraudulent calls, which seek to raise funds for illegitimate reasons, such as those known as "imaginary" winner calls, where the victim receives a message saying that they won and that they have to respond to the message to win the prize.
The question then was did the "fraudulent entry" coverage apply to authorized users entering fraudulent information?
From May 2012 to March 2015, the FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center received complaints regarding criminals hosting fraudulent government services websites in order to acquire Personally Identifiable Information and to collect fraudulent fees from consumers," the alert said.
To resolve the fraudulent joinder question, the federal judge must
On 5 September 2013 SARS, with the assistance of the SAPS, conducted raids in Mpumalanga which resulted in the arrests of 28 people who had submitted fraudulent income tax returns on behalf of at least 200 individuals, on the understanding that they would keep a percentage of the fraudulent refund generated.
Between August and December 2009, e-retailer Paintball Punks received nine fraudulent orders amounting to nearly $12,000 that customers placed with U.
Mohammed bin Ahmed Al Harthi and Salim bin Saif bin Salim Al Harthi, the promoters of the fraudulent investment scheme, had been accused of laundering money and embezzling people's funds through fraudulent business activities.
Fraudulent Conversion and Transfer Laws--Under Florida law, a conversion by a debtor of a nonexempt asset to an exempt asset is a fraudulent conversion as to a creditor, which may be set aside by such creditor "whether the creditor's claim to the asset arose before or after the conversion of the asset, if the debtor made the conversion with the intent to hinder, delay, or defraud the creditor.
But Muir, a former Los Angeles Times editor, continued to assert that, at Stodder's direction, he inflated bills for hours not worked, and that while initially he thought in "ignorance" the write-ups might be OK, he eventually was convinced they were fraudulent.
Report the fraudulent use of the IRS name to the treasury inspector general for tax administration
Frauds, whether revolving asset misappropriations or fraudulent financial statements, usually are not single acts.
District Court, Western District of New York, for his role in allegedly defrauding the Department of Education of over $160,000 by submitting fraudulent student loan applications in the name of his mother and brother.