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adj 1. relating to actions without proper qualifications.
2. relating to actions that purposely intend to deceive.
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The whole basis for uncontrolled mass illegal immigration is bogus and riddled through with fraudulence, vested interest and pending disaster.
It is easy enough to relegate such prose to the unvisited top shelves of our impatience: we are not going to be led closer to the art by such writing as this - we are going to be so concerned to ward off the threats of fraudulence that we shall probably miss the fineness of the philosophy.
McKay once again addresses the fraudulence of America's claims to world leadership in freedom and justice in "The Tiger," as he figuratively transforms the stripes of the American flag into the stripes of a predatory tiger that destroys African Americans both spiritually and physically.
For brazen deceit and sheer fraudulence, no presidential project or Hollywood high concept has come close to George Bush's creation of a New World Order, with him at its head.
In sharp contrast, Cardinal Sin and the bishops denounced the 1986 snap election as 'unparalleled in the fraudulence of its conduct' and asked every member of the Church 'to come together to discern what appropriate action to take.
Need for better security systems to tackle fraudulence, illegal immigration, and criminal activity has propelled governments to invest in better security systems.
The free South Sudan that we are looking forward to should be a country where prosperity of its citizens is promoted on genuine free market and creativity, and not on fraudulence.
Decision to shoot this late 1970s saga of high-flying social fraudulence and impersonation on video--with three sometimes-overlapping, sometimes-juxtaposing images stretching across a very narrow screenband--both spurs interest and seems utterly at odds with story's gist.
But now the fraudulence of the practice and the perils it entails are known to one and all.