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Frank is a compound of negatives -- and there they are."
Frank shall have this splendid chance; and I'll lay you any wager you like he makes the best of it."
I asked Spider, in an off-hand way, what was eating French Frank. "He's crazy jealous of you," was the answer.
But I leave it to any one--the swell of my fifteen-years-old manhood at learning that French Frank, the adventurer of fifty, the sailor of all the seas of all the world, was jealous of me-- and jealous over a girl most romantically named the Queen of the Oyster Pirates.
"YesI have some right to that knowledge; though I have never been at the place in my life.She is an odd woman!But I never allow myself to speak ill of her, on Frank's account; for I do believe her to be very fond of him.
Frank Churchill, in my opinion, as his father thinks.
"Do you believe in dreams, Frank? Of course you don't!
The oars struck the water; Frank waved his cap to Clara.
'Now, Frank,' said the old gentleman, 'you were the immediate means of recovering this deed.
How dare you think, Frank, that we would have you marry for money, when youth, beauty, and every amiable virtue and excellence were to be had for love?
These gifts Mrs Sprodgkin accepted, but still insisted on dutifully remaining in the hall, to curtsey to the Reverend Frank as he came forth.
'Detained at the last moment by one who had a claim upon me,' was the Reverend Frank's apology to Lightwood, taking no thought of himself.