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A small part broken from a larger entity.
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A small part broken from a larger entity.
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A small part broken from a larger entity.
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Q. what is fragments of endocervical glandular mucosa with inflammation and squamous metaplasia fragments of endocervical glandular mucosa

A. It means that part of the mucose on the cervix area has changes from a certain kind of mucose cells to another, and that there is a bit of an inflammation around it. This should be brought to the knowledge of a gynecologist and be monitored by him/her.

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Varley-Winter approaches literary fragments phenomenologically, as they are felt and sensed, arguing that fragments create states of conflicted embodiment in which mind and body cannot cleanly separate.
'Maybe these fragments are parts of a drone that someone flew.
Although direct composite restoration has expanded over the past decade, fragment reattachment is increasingly opted due to its minimal invasion, promising esthetics, and a natural form of restoration [5].
But the commission has not presented a complete set of human skeletal remains, just fragments. There were also no clothes, personal belongings like shoes or wallets that are usually found in mass graves.
The concave and convex regions were made pregrooves by using the wire cutting process to control the fracture locations and obtain uniform fragments. The characteristic dimensions of the pregrooves are 4.8 mm in width, 3.8 mm in depth (along the axial direction), and 4.8 mm in depth (along the circumferential direction).
However, the presence of a rare fracture type has recently been suggested, in which a fragment is present on the volar ulnar aspect and reduction and fixation are difficult with VLPs.
God hides fragments of our humanity in other places, as well.
The various scroll fragments record parts of the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Deuteronomy, Samuel, Ruth, Kings, Micah, Nehemiah, Jeremiah, Joel, Joshua, Judges, Proverbs, Numbers, Psalms, Ezekiel and Jonah.
A2ZSynthesis Company is pleased to announce the release of Fragment Library containing about 3300 fragment compounds of high purity (>90%) to help its clients in their drug design activities.
As one might expect in a library that holds such a large collection of early printed books, one also finds a significant number of medieval manuscript fragments used as book bindings, fly leaves, or limp covers.
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