fracture toughness

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frac·ture tough·ness

(frakshŭr tŭfnĕs)
Ability of material to resist breakage.
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From the SAXS and J-R curves, PE-2 was found to have higher amorphous and crystal thickness as well as higher fracture toughness for the two PE materials tested.
Moreover, the FPZ has a significant role in the fracture toughness of the shear crack.
Constancy of the first term (intercept) for every steel in the Table 3 at any temperature within the range of 77 - 243 K testifies that fracture toughness temperature sensitivity is caused by the thermal component of a yield stress (hardness).
International Organisation for Standardisation, ISO, Fibre-reinforced plastic composites--determination of mode I interlaminar fracture toughness, [G.
Fracture toughness and water uptake of high-performance epoxy/clay nanocomposites.
This mirror-like fracture surface is an indication of poor fracture toughness of epoxy and has been reported in previous studies conducted on epoxy polymers [6].
Fracture toughness measurements were carried out on four rocks types:
Overall specimen size and normalized specimen thickness requirements of CS test for practically evaluating the fracture toughness of bone are addressed [11-13].
No studies were located that examined the effect of calcium hydroxide on the fracture toughness of dentin.
Nanolayers are also said to produce tubing with increased impact and fracture toughness and/or tear strength.
The new technique can help increase impact and fracture toughness, for example, as well as fortify tear strength.