fracture toughness

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frac·ture tough·ness

(frakshŭr tŭfnĕs)
Ability of material to resist breakage.
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If you want to know more about fracture toughness testing to help with your own work in specifying, performing or interpreting fracture toughness tests, why not come along to TWI's Industrial Members event on fracture toughness testing on 30-31st October?
The GO nanoparticles assisted in recovering the loss of flexural strength in the composites while improving the interlaminar fracture toughness at the same time.
Evaluating the results obtained from measurements on three types of sandstones show that the highest bending Young's modulus, as well as fracture toughness and fracture energy were found on samples from the Staric locality.
(2) the plain strain fracture toughness obtained is 136.27 MPa[square root of (m)].
(3) The fracture toughness at -20[degrees]C of continuously graded asphalt mixtures are higher than those of gap-graded asphalt mixtures.
As the purpose of this paper is to research the relationship between the dynamic fracture toughness and dynamic tensile strength of the rock, the rock specimen with the same lithology has been measured to ensure these toughness and strength tests are under the same rock properties.
Specimen configuration for fracture toughness tests: a) CT specimen, W = 30 mm, T = 12 mm; b) SENB specimen, W = 20 mm, T = 10 mm
Moreover, the FPZ has a significant role in the fracture toughness of the shear crack.
Occlusal wear and fracture incidence generally depend on the selected restorative materials' indentation hardness and fracture toughness [38, 39].
A detailed study [21] of the AE signals recorded during mode I delamination growth of CFRP DCB specimens has shown that by defining empirical delamination initiation criteria from the observed AE activity and intensity, the critical fracture toughness [G.sub.IC] obtained from these is comparable to that obtained from the analysis procedure outlined in the standard [14].
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from University of Tabriz used graphite nanoparticles to produce laboratorial samples of high temperature ceramics which enjoy dense and nonporous structure with high fracture toughness.