fracture of the spine

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fracture of the spine

Fracture of a vertebral body or its bony prominences. Synonym: vertebral fracture See: burst fracture; compression fracture; hangman's fracture; Jefferson fracture


The patient is carefully assessed for evidence of neuromuscular compromise and other internal injuries. To prevent complications and promote healing, vests, casts, or halo devices may be used, depending on the location of the fracture. A program of supervised physical therapy may be needed during recovery.


Prognosis depends on the type of spinal fracture and associated spinal cord involvement.

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Omari Banks has had to return home with a stress fracture of the spine and left-arm wrist-spinner Dave Mohammed has only just arrived after replacing injured fast bowlerJerome Taylor.
My brother was ejected out the side door, the force of the impact giving him a slight fracture of the skull and a slight fracture of the spine. I was unconscious for about 6 hours and in pain for several weeks.
The following day I suffered badly from back pain and an X-ray revealed a compress fracture of the spine. My concern is that the hospital records did not show my neck and back injuries, and they refuse to add these to the notes.