fracture bed

frac·ture bed

a narrow, extra-firm bed for treatment of fractures; usually incorporates an overhead frame for a traction apparatus and for patient mobility.
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The radiofrequency probe allowed us to reduce the amount of bone fragment entering the fracture bed. Under fluoroscopic control, a guide pin for a cannulated cancellous screw (CCS) was inserted from the posterior ulnar shaft into the coronoid fragment (Figure 3).
R: radial head; U: ulna (fracture bed); C: coronoid process.
The field is sandwiched between the NS Gejiu fault, the EW Jiajieshan fracture bed, and the EW Gesong and Beiyinshan faults.
* Fracture bed was debrided of any hematoma that would impede reduction with curettes and an arthroscopic shaver.
The conoid ligament with avulsed bone fragment was fixed to the fracture bed of the coracoid with a Ti Screw Suture Anchor with EasySlide[TM] Surface Treatment (Biomet, Warsaw, Indiana, USA) (Figure 1(b)).