fractional distillation

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the process of vaporizing and condensing a substance to purify it or to separate a volatile substance from less volatile substances. Called also vaporization.
fractional distillation separation of volatilizable substances into a number of fractions, based on their different boiling points.
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frac·tion·al dis·til·la·tion

distillation of a compound liquid at varying degrees of heat whereby the components of different boiling points are collected separately.
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A fractional distillation was performed using a lab-size glass fractional distillation unit containing column packed with S/S Knit Mesh packing material (2.8 cm x 1.35 m).
SULZER Chemtech Tower Field Service (TFS) provides on-site installation, maintenance and inspection services of vessels and towers, such as fractional distillation columns to the petrochemical and oil and gas indusstries.
A mid-size range of stainless steel Fractional Distillation Systems for batch or continuous high purity chemical processing or solvent recovery is described in the brochure.
Neon, although abundant in the universe, is sparse in earths atmosphere and is often produced through fractional distillation of liquefied air.
Fractional distillation of essential oils .and natural raw aromatics.

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