fraction of inspired oxygen

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fraction of inspired oxygen (FiO2)

Etymology: L, frangere, to break, inspirare, to breathe in; Gk, oxys, sharp, genein, to produce
the proportion of oxygen in the air that is inspired.

fraction of inspired oxygen

Abbreviation: Fio2
The concentration of oxygen in the inspired air, esp. that supplied as supplemental oxygen by mask or catheter.
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Mean partial pressure arterial oxygen and fraction of inspired oxygen ratio was not significantly different for the 2 groups; however, proportion of those needing MV was significantly higher in the 2013-14 cohort (36/55 [65.
2]O) on the same level of PEEP The fraction of inspired oxygen was reduced to achieve oxygen saturation of 90 to 92% so that an increase in Sp[O.
This was recognized in research in which controllers were linked to CPOX to adjust the delivered fraction of inspired oxygen.

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