fraction collector

frac·tion col·lec·tor

a device used to collect the eluate from a column in column chromatography.
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Fast protein liquid chromatography system fast protein liquid chromatography system (fplc): 25 l1 or an equivalent system complete with a suitable fraction collector and operating software (unicorn 7 or equivalent), installation and service contract for 3 years
Fractions from the separation will be obtained by using a fraction collector and antifungal and antibacterial activity will be carried out for all fractions against human pathogens.
To ensure confidence in the integrity of sealed HPLC autosampler or fraction collector samples, the company's pre-scored silicone cap mats with double 0-ring are also included.
The Sepacor MPLC system (Biichi, Flawil, Switzerland) consisted of 2 pump modules C-605, pump manager C-615 and fraction collector C-660.
Constant time fractions (5 min/fraction) were collected with the help of a fraction collector (Haake Buchler, model-100, USA).
The standalone PrepFC (Ethernet) fraction collector is controlled by a Pocket PC using PrepFC control software.
Nanostream, which makes the Veloce micro parallel LC system, chose the ASMS meeting to announce a fraction collector add-on.
They were the first to displace the column content and collect it in a fraction collector.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Installation Of Uv Visible Detector And Fraction Collector Alongwith Software For Existing Flash Chromatogarph
The CFC-2 Fraction Collector for supercritical fluid chromatography enables collection of up to 24 SFC fractions with sample recoveries of greater than 90%.
An average fraction collector is designed to sit on the benchtop, weighs about 18 lbs.
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