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George R., U.S. surgeon, 1848-1906. See: Fowler position.
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He said he was approached by Fowler and Chris Fowler, president of Fowler Foods, to start the program.
ASU-Newport will ask the ASU board of trustees to name the building for the Fowler family.
Ridsdale and manager Dave Jones have worked for the last six weeks to land Fowler, who is due to be officially unveiled as a Cardiff City player on Tuesday.
Fowler has today confirmed to Cardiff City he will be signing for the club, but, having lost New Zealand international Chris Killen to Celtic at the last minute, Ridsdale and Jones will remain nervous until the contract is signed.
Ellen Jones, 75, is alleged to have netted the fish from the garden pond of Mark and Jane Fowler, 53, and dined al fresco, making sure they could see.
Mr Fowler, 45, an accountant, previously told the court how a number of the fish went missing from the pond at their home.
Mr Wood said the Fowlers are Jehovah's Witnesses and had believed that McDonald and Daley were operating a legitimate business.
By the time the Fowlers were charged, police had proved possession of 14 stolen engines which did not have serial numbers.
To keep tabs on theirs, the Fowlers use WealthBuilder ($109.95) from Reality Technologies to monitor their assets and liabilities.
He added an injunction preventing Miss Jones behaving in the way alleged by the Fowlers would do nothing to persuade perspective purchasers of the couple's farm house to disregard the 20-year feud surrounding the property.
The Fowlers required that there were serial numbers on the engines to verify their source Mr Wood told Judge Nigel Gilmour, QC: "Their concern throughout the running of the business was to ensure everything was done legitimately and above board.
Similar approbation did not greet the second revision of Fowler's, published in 1996 and helmed by the late lexicographer and linguist Robert W.