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George R., U.S. surgeon, 1848-1906. See: Fowler position.
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Fowler has today confirmed to Cardiff City he will be signing for the club, but, having lost New Zealand international Chris Killen to Celtic at the last minute, Ridsdale and Jones will remain nervous until the contract is signed.
Ridsdale is flying home early from his family holiday in Florida and will be back on Monday as Fowler is due to take his medical.
Ellen Jones is being sued for pounds 75,000 by her neighbours, Mark and Jane Fowler, who say she has made their lives hell by conducting a 20-year campaign of harassment against them.
Accountant Mr Fowler, aged 45, and his wife Jane, aged 53, allege that Miss Jones has held illegal raves at her farm in Newchapel, Surrey, deliberately burned old car tyres, failed to obey legal orders to silence her barking dogs and has even blocked the sale of their pounds 450,000 farmhouse.
By the time the Fowlers were charged, police had proved possession of 14 stolen engines which did not have serial numbers.
He added: "Some people might say, despite the Fowlers acquittal, they were guilty of some wrongdoing on the principle there is no smoke without fire.
I never had a clue, never had a clue,'' said Hilda Fowler, referring to the growth of the club.
Archery has been part of our lives for at least 30 years,'' Hilda Fowler said.
To keep tabs on theirs, the Fowlers use WealthBuilder ($109.
Mr Wood said the Fowlers are Jehovah's Witnesses, and had believed that McDonald and Daley, who was also arrested, were operating a legitimate business.
ASU-Newport will ask the ASU board of trustees to name the building for the Fowler family.
THE AUTHOR OF MODERN English Usage, Henry Watson Fowler, was, as one might expect of the author of a 700-plus-page English usage guide, idiosyncratic.