fowl typhoid

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fowl ty·phoid

a septicemic disease of chickens and turkeys, caused by Salmonella gallinarum; some human infections with this organism have been reported.


domestic fowl. A member of the genus Gallus of the family Phasianidae, the pheasant family. Characterized by a fleshy comb, earlobes below the eyes and wattles from below the beak, long, drooping hackle feathers on the neck of the cock, pendent, lancet-shaped covert feathers on the wings, upward curving sickle feathers in the tail of the male, jointed spurs on the legs of the cock bird and well-marked sexual dimorphism.
There are many breeds of domestic fowl but they have diminished in importance with the expansion of the broiler and egg industries, most enterprises carrying their own genetic strains identified by code numbers. Some of the more common breeds are identified under the headings: brahma, cochin, cornish, english game, langshan, minorca, orpington (Buff and Black), plymouth rock, rhode island red, silkie, sussex, white leghorn, wyandotte and many breeds of bantam.
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fowl cholera
a contagious widespread disease of fowls caused by Pasteurella multocida and manifested by septicemia with sudden onset, rapid spread, short course and high mortality. There may be diarrhea and dyspnea.
fowl coryza
a serious, widespread, respiratory disease of fowls caused by Avibacteriumparagallinarum and characterized by acute inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and air sacs. It is characterized by an acute onset of mucoid or serous nasal discharge, facial edema and conjunctivitis, swollen wattles, diarrhea, reduced feed intake and a heavy culling rate.
fowl manna grass
fowl paralysis
fowl paratyphoid
an important cause of wastage in commercial birds, especially turkeys occurring as outbreaks of severe enteritis in young birds caused by Salmonella spp. including over 100 species.
fowl pest
fowl plague
see avian influenza.
fowl pox
see fowlpox.
fowl tick
see argaspersicus.
fowl typhoid
a disease of fowl and turkeys caused by Salmonella gallinarum. It affects only adult hens and is rare in modern, hygienically managed commercial flocks. There is weakness, diarrhea and anemia. The course is short and case mortality is high.