four orders

four orders,

n in Native American medicine, the four degrees awarded to a male or female candidate of the Ojibway tribe being trained in the ways of healing and communing with spiritual powers and energies.
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Peter that I wear, though I have no more than the first four orders, your worship is one of the most famous knights-errant that have ever been, or will be, all the world over.
One by one he was led to attack also other fundamental doctrines and institutions of the Church--transubstantiation, the temporal possessions of the Church, the Papacy, and at last, for their corruption, the four orders of friars.
The four orders in the fourth quarter represent a growing industrial adoption of the solution as well as a very compelling win ratio of pitches to orders for the year: 20 tenders at the beginning of the year with 11 signed purchase orders.
Significantly, this is the fourth order for supercritical sets finalised in the last three years by TANGEDCO, and all the four orders have been won by BHEL.
Because the four orders and 15 families of plants represent only a very small percent of all the dicots in Illinois, Mohlenbrock does not include a general identification key here, as he does in many of the volumes.
Boeing has previously booked four orders for the BBJ MAX 8 model.
From those four orders we anticipate at least another four, and from there it could be rolled out globally.
Northern Engineers and Fabricators (NEF) Ltd has enjoyed a successful first quarter after securing four orders for its latest innovation - an improvement to the shuttle systems that carry goods around warehouses.
A detector quantifies analytes with intensities spanning four orders of magnitude.
THE refusal of four orders of nuns to contribute to the Magdalene redress scheme is an outrageous insult to the survivors of their hellish Laundries.
Editor's Note: The shortest answer is that ethane is close to four orders of magnitude less abundant than methane is in Titan's atmosphere.
Elsewhere in the occupied West Bank, Israeli occupation authorities issued four orders to Palestinians near Bethlehem, telling owners to vacate farmland under the pretext it is state-owned property.