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I had not prepared well last year since I was preparing for my form four examinations," said Waitgala, who cleared school at Raicheri Secondary School in Ndaragua last year.
Ahmed Ali tried to take four examinations for people who wanted to be UK citizens at test centres in Liverpool, Croydon, Slough and Ilford in the year to December last year.
He said that the first concrete sign that the formula was working, came in the results of the Grade Four Examinations, followed by significant improvements in the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) results two years later.
16 Downing (2005)21 assessed the quality of four examinations given to medical students in the United States of America and found that 46% of MCQs contained IWFs and reported that as a consequence of these IWFs 1015% of students who were classified as failures would have been classified as pass if items with IWFs were removed.
Participants provided their medical history and health information at the start of the study; during its course they completed up to four examinations with individual exposure measurements.
Currently, four examinations are available for various levels of nursing practice.
They've had four examinations in the space of nine days and, on the whole, we've been nowhere near what I expected.
Everybody who wishes to work as a trading manager, or operation manager, or internal supervisor must first have to pass the four examinations of the orientation program, but a broker representative must pass three examinations only," he said, adding that a pass mark has been pegged at 70% of the total score.
Birmingham University business graduate Alex Guy achieved a distinction in the final of four examinations which make up the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment qualification.
The purpose of these four examinations is to determine whether there are any anti-competitive practices that violate current law and, if so, to take steps under the law to remedy the effects on competition," Ario said.
It called on exam boards to co-ordinate schedules more effectively and Chris Howard, NAHT vice-president, said: "The exam boards need to do more to best co-ordinate their efforts so that youngsters don't have this problem of three or four examinations in one day.
Four examinations were given at equally spaced intervals throughout the test semesters.