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1. A person who contributes to the initial genetic structure of a population and is liable to contribute to a large proportion of the genes in the descendants from it.
2. In veterinary medicine a common name used for laminitis, a serious, painful inflammatory and venous congestion condition affecting the hooves of horses leading to severe lameness and sometimes, rotation of the third phalynx, dropped sole, hoof wall separation or sloughing and in chronic cases, a malformed foot with progressive development of a flat foot with a ringed hoof wall that curves up and forward at the toe (foundered).
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v. foun·dered, foun·dering, foun·ders
1. To stumble, especially to stumble and go lame. Used of horses.
2. To become ill from overeating. Used of livestock.
3. To be afflicted with laminitis. Used of horses.
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