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Robert Foster, U.S. neurologist, 1884-1952.
Foster Kennedy syndrome - Synonym(s): Kennedy syndrome
Kennedy syndrome - ipsilateral optic atrophy with central scotoma and contralateral choked disk or papilledema, caused by a meningioma of the ipsilateral optic nerve. Synonym(s): Foster Kennedy syndrome
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More foster families means more pets that Paws can rescue and help get adopted.
The YouGov poll, published to coincide with Foster Care Fortnight, found that 31% of adults living in the region think they would be very or fairly likely to be accepted as foster carers if they applied with the next two years, compared with a UK average of 28%.
Liverpool City Council's Fostering Service recommends that you foster children who are younger than your eldest child.
He said: "The warmth and affection these children show towards foster children in their home is a really special thing.
Foster carers can provide temporary and permanent placements as well as short term breaks for disabled children.
'If, for whatever reason, the child who fosters is adversely affected then fostering should stop.
Gil Greenslade and Sue King, foster carers for Social Services, have gained their Level 3 NVQ in Caring for Children and Young People.
Will Foster, a 38-year-old father of three who lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, suffers from rheumatoid arthritis in his back and feet.
To help mark National Foster Care Fortnight - which runs from May 1 to 29 - Kirklees Council has enlisted the help of local resident Angela.
If new foster families are not found, then the reality is that children are forced to live a long way from family, friends and school -- when they have already experienced trauma and upheaval.