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Robert Foster, U.S. neurologist, 1884-1952.
Foster Kennedy syndrome - Synonym(s): Kennedy syndrome
Kennedy syndrome - ipsilateral optic atrophy with central scotoma and contralateral choked disk or papilledema, caused by a meningioma of the ipsilateral optic nerve. Synonym(s): Foster Kennedy syndrome
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Most groups aim to match the fosterer's home circumstances with those of the owners' so your pet can adjust to the change more easily.
According to The Fostering Network 8,370 more UK fosterers are needed to care for a range of children, with the highest demand for foster carers for older children, sibling groups and disabled children.
In those circumstances, a dog might be with the RSPCA for a long time, so kennels are not an ideal place for them to live, and placing them with a fosterer means a space for another dog that needs somewhere to go.
"Being a fosterer is a way of supporting people going through a dif-ficult time but also helping the pets, who have to suffer in silence."
As well as needing fosterers, K9 Friends also needs people who may be unable to look after a dog full time but can walk dogs occasionally.
"In Birmingham there is a need for more people to come forward and become fosterers. They will be fully supported by the adoption and fostering service throughout what we believe they will find a very rewarding and worthwhile experience."
THE RESPITE CARER Stephen Phillips,44,and his wife Karen, 43,from Caernarfon give fosterers a break by looking after young children for up to a fortnight while their foster parents take a holiday.
They provide short-term emergency accommodation for cats in need through fosterers and can assist with vet expenses in cases of genuine hardship.
"March is the beginning of the kitten season - the first one we'll have dealt with - so we expect to be inundated with calls and fosterers come into their own.
Rob Hall, area branch development manager for Cats Protection, explains: "Welfare and homing team leaders have the important role of co-ordinating, encouraging and supporting teams of volunteer fosterers, cat care volunteers and home visitors.
They are in need of dog fosterers, mainly someone with no cats as some of the dogs who come in to the rescue are not cat friendly.
The organisation, which has 50 fosterers, looks after rescue cats and some rescued dogs.