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Robert Foster, U.S. neurologist, 1884-1952.
Foster Kennedy syndrome - Synonym(s): Kennedy syndrome
Kennedy syndrome - ipsilateral optic atrophy with central scotoma and contralateral choked disk or papilledema, caused by a meningioma of the ipsilateral optic nerve. Synonym(s): Foster Kennedy syndrome


standing in for, surrogate.

foster mother
an adoptive dam that accepts the offspring of another for purposes of feeding. Usually planned because of the death or lack of milk in the natural dam.
foster practice
associated with a university veterinary school as a teaching practice.
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There are ample ways to engage - by serving as a foster or adoptive parent who gives abused and neglected children a permanent, loving home; volunteering as a court- appointed special advocate to work with children in dependency court; providing teens in foster care with critical job opportunities and training; or donating the extra personal items so many children in foster care may lack.
As the new head of the Simi Valley Education Foundation, a nonprofit organization consisting of parents, businesses and citizens to provide additional resources to students in the Simi Valley Unified School District, Foster brings close ties to local schools.
In addition, thousands of foster children have been reunified with their families, and 97 percent of them have so far been able to remain safely at home.
But foster infants are even becoming hard to place.
What should Americans know about the foster care system?
But Catholic Charities may now be in the minority as a growing number of agencies wake up to the reality that they need any and all potential foster homes, including those led by gays and lesbians.
Across the UK there is a desperate need for foster carers.
Vickers also takes Foster to task on literary and stylistic grounds.
His predecessor, Jess McDonald, was widely praised for cutting the state's foster care caseload by 59 percent.
State agencies are far more likely to place black children who come to their attention in foster care instead of offering their families less traumatic assistance.
We had to expand our marketing to 35 to 40 percent of our annual revenues because we publish for the 'buy side' of the market where the universes are generally larger," Foster said.
In his latest book Foster surveys six Christian traditions, noting how each can help contemporary believers live a deeper Christian life.