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Fossilised soft-tissue remains of prehistoric animals are rare, yet palaeontologists are discovering remarkable levels of preservation at a number of sites around the world, said Bevitt.
The fossilised bones were found spread across five slabs of rock and although some were preserved together in the correct position, others had been scattered and separated by the actions of scavenging fish and seaurchins.
The fossilised shells had been collected over a 100 years ago by Eugene Dubois, the discoverer of H.
Josh Chait, the spokesman for the auctioneer in Beverly Hills, said that the spectacular specimen was possibly the longest example of coprolite - fossilised dinosaur feces ever to be offered at auction, presented in four sections, each with a heavy black marble custom base.
DIG THIS Emelia Fawbert, five, with the fossilised remains of an Ice Age rhinoceros.
The spider was found fossilised in amber in France.
The study, carried out over eight years at Liverpool's department of earth and ocean sciences, hinged on analysis of the fossilised heads of midges during a study in Haweswater.
Fossilised dinosaur dung reveals surprising secrets:When we think about what dinosaurs ate, we usually envisage them munching on meaty slabs of other dinosaurs, or at least chewing on the leaves of luscious palms.
A RARE cluster of fossilised dinosaur eggs from the Far East has gone on public display near Nuneaton.
movie Dinosaur, we're offering you the chance to own a genuine fossilised dinosaur egg from the same era - the Cretaceous period - on which the film is based.