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However, telemetry studies have shown movement throughout the greater Caribbean region within the breeding season (Kennedy et al., 2013, Fossette et al., 2014); while much of this within-season movement occurred on Silver, Navidad, and Mouchoir Banks, even small individual movements into or out of a study area could bias the capture probability assumptions used in mark-recapture analysis and affect population estimates based on such data (Hammond et al., 1990; Friday, 1997).
Hays G, Fossette S, Katselidis K, Schofield G, Gravenor M (2010) Breeding periodicity for malesea turtles, operational sex ratios, and implications in the face of climate change.
Il peut s'agir d'une nevralgie perineale liee a la compression chronique du nerf pudendal, soit dans la fossette ischiorectale, soit au niveau du ligament sacroepineux, ou encore d'une neuropathie ou d'un syndrome douloureux regional dont la physiopathologie est multifactorielle[sup.2].
Swansea University researcher Sabrina Fossette said: "Over recent years the abundance of jellyfish blooms has increased, with growing concern that their overall ecosystem impact, both positive and negative, and consequently their socio-economic importance, may similarly increase.
But even this image is confused because the girl's neck that be seeks is strangely compared to his son's, "una bella raggazzetta bionda, col collo tutto a fossette, come Villi" (374).
In the culminating event of the chapter, after assuring the reader that she is "not delirious," Lucy "weak and shaking" ventures out on the Rue de Fossette, and her solitude-induced wandering, punctuated by her visit to confessional, ends abruptly with her collapse (232).
The tires were already burning high when I reached the point of entry into the slum of La Fossette, but the demonstrators had not yet dragged the barricade across the intersection, so I hit the gas and ran it.