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For example, NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter identified gullies on some of the steep slopes in Sirenum Fossae, along troughs and in the rims of impact craters.
Observations from other Mars-orbiting instruments have hinted at the presence of water elsewhere on the planet, but not in the Medusae Fossae formation (SN: 6/8/02, p.
The external genitalia and the urogenital diaphragm are found within the urogenital triangle, while the anal triangle is composed of the centrally placed anal canal encircled by the external anal sphincter and flanked laterally and posteriorly by the ischiorectal fossae (Figure 3).
The ischiorectal fossae are fascia-lined wedge shaped spaces found on either side of the anal canal and rectum.
In order to provide structural soundness and support to the anal canal, the fossae are filled with fat rather than air.
Posteriorly the ischiorectal fossae extends below the lower edge of gluteus maximus as far as the sacrotuberous ligament (Figure 4).
Sacra Fossae is a fault system that extends for more than 1000 km.
Physical examination revealed a pink mass with bulging contours filling the right nasal fossae (figure 3).
Three years after the last surgery, the nasal fossae are flee of any mass and the patient remains asymptomatic.
9%) required treatment under general anesthesia for hemorrhage from the tonsillar fossae -- 58 men and 30 women.
We routinely employ the combined approach because we feel it provides the best exposure of any tegmen or posterior fossa defect, and it provides a good view of the floor of the middle and posterior cranial fossae.