fossa for lacrimal gland

fos·sa for lac·ri·mal gland

a hollow in the orbital plate of the frontal bone, formed by the overhanging margin and zygomatic process, lodging the lacrimal gland.
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PANDO and to a lesser degree secondary obstruction, have been associated with variations of morphometric characteristics of the fossa for lacrimal gland (LF) and the bony entrance to the NLD, which are determined by the patient's age, gender, and race (Groessl et al, 1997; Janssen et al., 2001; Shigeta et al., 2007; Takahashi et al, 2011, 2013).
Fossa for lacrimal gland. The length of the LF was significantly longer in women under 40 years than men under 40 years (p = 0.01) and than women over 40 years (p [less than or equal to] 0.01).
Nasolacrimal duct in women had shorter length and wider duct entrance, Women <40 years had longer fossa for lacrimal gland a wider lower third fossa for lacrimal gland.