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Analysis of CSF shunting procedure requirement in children with posterior fossa tumors.
MRI of the brain showed an enhancing soft tissue mass extending from the left sphenoid sinus posteriorly to involve the clivus, cavernous sinus, pituitary fossa and the prepontine space.
Panoramic view of the dissection of the left infratemporal fossa showing the origin of the accessory meningeal artery (AMA) from the middle meningeal artery (MMA).
Raising baby Fossa requires feedings every two hours, around the clock, for their first two weeks.
This study was undertaken to describe the various lesions that occur in posterior fossa pertaining to their incidence, age and sex distribution, location and to evaluate the extent of agreement between the clinico-radiological and histopathology diagnosis.
KEY WORDS: Cerebrospinal fluid leak, Posterior cranial fossa surgery, Cerebrospinal fluid lumbar drainage.
Infratemporal space is an important part of the head and neck region due to serious complications that may be seen whenever a pathologic condition takes place in this fossa (1-3).
Conclusion: The frequency of posterior fossa epidural hematoma was more in males.
MRI scan of head and neck region with contrast revealed mixed type infantile hemangioma, hypoplastic right cerebellum and enlarged posterior fossa with CSF space (Figure 2).
To date, according to our knowledge, there are only five such reported cases of fibromatosis that involve the infratemporal fossa.
Dislocation of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the dislodgment of the head of condyle from the glenoid fossa.
At operation, both patients were discovered to have a synovial cyst within the posterior aspect of the elbow, specifically within the olecranon fossa causing their painful symptoms of locking.