forward chaining

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forward chaining1

a method of measuring rehabilitation performance. The patient performs the first step independently, and the therapist helps the patient perform the rest of the steps. The routine is then repeated with the patient performing the first two steps independently, then the first three steps, and so on.

forward chaining2

a method to grade an activity in which an individual learns each step from the beginning; begins with the individual starting the sequence and ends with the occupational therapy practitioner finishing what the individual has not yet learned.
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Most ES are developed by means of specialized software tools entitled shells which come equipped with an inference mechanism (backward chaining, forward chaining, or both), and require knowledge to be entered according to a specified format.
Forward chaining can be studied for different ranges of the parameters.
Kosko (1992) proposed a rule to calculate the value of each concept based on the influence of the interconnected concepts which involves vector-matrix multiplication and the forward chaining involves a series of repeated vector-matrix multiplication and transformation.
Backward versus forward chaining in the acquisition of a keyboard skill.
Retention of human sequenced behavior following forward chaining, backward chaining and whole task training procedures.
For example, an inference engine that used modus ponens and forward chaining may combine a fact (e.
Forward chaining is one of several inferential control strategies that uses existing or newly deduced data to trigger future deductions and conclusions about the data [2].
Usually, the Inference Engine decides the inference mechanism, such as forward chaining, backward chaining, etc.
Forward chaining One of several control strategies that regulate the order in which inferences are drawn.
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