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 [for´niks] (pl. for´nices) (L.)
an anatomical archlike structure.
fornix of conjunctiva conjunctival cul-de-sac.
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Plural of fornix.
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(for'niks) (for'ni-sez) plural.fornices [L. fornix, vault, arch]
1. A thick axon tract that originates in the hippocampus and synapses in the septum and the hypothalamus, esp., in the mammillary bodies. The fornix, a major component of the limbic circuit, receives its name from the broad arch that it makes along the hidden inner edge of the cerebral cortex, under the corpus callosum. See: limbic system for illus
2. Any vaultlike or arched body.

fornix conjunctivae

The loose folds connecting the palpebral and bulbar conjunctivae.

fornix uteri

Fornix vaginae.

fornix vaginae

Each of the four recesses that surround the cervix. The posterior fornix is deeper than the anterior or lateral (right and left) fornices.
Synonym: fornix uteri
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* Use a drip stand and allow a litre of fluid to irrigate the eye and fornices.
(1-3) Small populations of lymphocytes normally reside in the conjunctiva, particularly the conjunctival sacs and fornices, as well as in the main and accessory lacrimal glands.
(4,28) Grade V parenchymal injuries, uteropelvic junction avulsions or complete avulsion of the fornices require operative management.
Se instala un manipulador uterino con un delineador de la cupula vaginal para permitir una adecuada movilizacion del utero y marcacion de los fornices de la cupula vaginal.
Part of his routine skin exam involves folding the eyelids to look into the fornices of the conjunctiva, where pigmented lesions, are almost universally something bad.
A sterile swab was used to collect throat secretions from the fornices and back of the throat.
Cognitive deficits and memory loss from damage to the fornices and anterior commisure can occur from surgery on tumors with hypothalamic involvement.
Submucosal injection in the vaginal fornices to a depth of no more than 2 to 4 mm and the use of lower concentrations of local anesthetics reduce risks to the woman and the fetus.[8,9,11,12,21-24]
Thorough colposcopic evaluation of the vagina can be technically challenging after hysterectomy because of difficulty adequately visualizing lesions within the vaginal rugations, particularly within the puckered lateral vaginal fornices, the most common location for dysplasia.
Vaginal examination revealed a globular and firm mass in the vagina; the cervix could not be visualised and the fornices were drawn upwards.
For scanning, a silicone cup of the appropriate size (18, 20 or 22 mm) was gently placed between the superior and inferior fornices. Patients were instructed to keep their eyes open and look at a fixed point on the ceiling, sufficient saline was put in the cup for immersion, and the scan was initiated.