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Postprocessing technique in digital imaging that blackens out the white borders on an image to diminish glare.
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Special challenges can even bring a global formwork player to its limits.
For the region's formwork companies, the construction sector will continue to offer ample opportunities.
This situation has created excess capacity in the formwork supply chain.
In conventional concrete construction, pictured below, external formwork is required to contain the concrete while it sets in its required shape.
Among offerings Doka spotlights at ConExpo-Con/Agg will be the Super Climber SCP, billed as the next generation in climbing formwork and engineered so that the entire building core formwork is raised independent of the crane.
Paschal Group was started in Steinach, Baden, Germany, and has grown to cover 40 countries around the world, specialising in concrete formworks, support systems and formwork planning softwares.
The combined product ranges of Aluma Systems, SGB and Hunnebeck - which are already well established in the region - form the formwork and shoring offering for the company previously known as Harsco infrastructure.
Therefore, the objective of this paper is to identify the contributing factors of selecting concrete steel formwork system in housing construction industry.
Formwork is the term given to temporary and permanent molds into which concrete or similar materials are poured.
When asked to explain formwork technology, he said: "For people who are not expert in construction we are manufacturing, designing and supplying a horizontal and vertical systems to cast a slabs and walls.
The productivity of formwork labour is an important factor in the determination of the overall cost of the reinforced concrete frame type buildings.