formal operations

for·mal op·er·a·tions

in the psychology of Piaget, a stage of development in thinking, occurring approximately between 11-15 years of age, during which a child becomes capable of reasoning about abstract situations; reasoning at this stage is comparable with that of normal adults but less sophisticated.
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Metro Pacific assumed formal operations and maintenance of the SCTEx in 2015.
Efforts against violent ideology or extrem[logical not]ism will be intensified or bolder when the BARMM, which will replace ARMM under RA 11054, starts formal operations sometime in January next year, MILF Vice Chairman Ghazali Jaafar said on Saturday in an interview with the Bulletin by phone.
The product can not be called originating from the country, if only formal operations are carried out on its territory - a batch of products is formed, logos or labels are glued, packaging of goods in banks, etc.
Gujrat District Bar Association Secretary Irfan Ishaq Banth told Dawn that all arrangements had been made for formal operations of the court from Monday.
The commencement of Mastercard's formal operations in Bahrain follows the opening of a dedicated office in Pakistan in late 2016.
The formal operations of MECA commenced on August 25, 2000 with the signing of a 99-year Lease and Development Agreement with the City of Omaha.
The emphasis on language-- specifically, the act of language learning, with its inherent lacunae of understanding, its movement from confusion to clarity--is often mirrored in the formal operations of his films.
Nevertheless, the absence of a formal operations and maintenance agreement between SPG and SESCO is unlikely to give rise to any dispute, given SESCO's strong commitment as evidenced in the past.
The Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company (SECMC) is the pioneer organization to have started formal operations in Thar Coal Block-II, Sindh province.
PEKyN (CyHAN)- A Chinese electric multiple unit (EMU) train reached a speed of 385 kilometers per hour and passed a high speed test, a major step before it begins formal operations.
The Head Office will start its formal operations in the last week of August.
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