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Shape; mold.
[L. forma]
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In clinical trials, the items and item groups used to capture and display clinical trial data.
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Shape; mold.
[L. forma]
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  1. a neutral term for
  1. a uniform sample of individuals or
  2. any taxon.
  3. the place in which hares lie and may give birth to young.
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Shape; mold.
[L. forma]
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Patient discussion about form

Q. Is cholesteatoma a form of cancer? My ear Doctor diagnosed me with cholesteatoma. I am very scared. Does this mean I have cancer? Can I die from this?

A. Cholesteatomas are not a form of cancer. They are benign tumors. They can destroy the bones of hearing as they grow, especially when the ear is infected or if water gets into the middle ear with other infections.
Cholesteatomas are not life threatening but should be treated since they can cause complications if are not treated. If not treated, cholesteatomas will eventually erode the bone leading into the inner ear. This can cause nerve loss and deafness as well as severe imbalance and dizziness. The thin plate of bone that separates the roof of the ear from the brain can also be eroded by cholesteatomas. This exposes the covering of the brain. In extreme situations, it can lead to brain infection and other severe complications.

Q. I am suffering form Bipolar Disorder. Hi, this is Mickey. I am suffering form Bipolar Disorder. What can I do to help myself to get better?

A. Go see a professional - it's the best advice I can tell you. Bipolar disorder can be severe, and practically ruin one's life, and there's a good treatment, so my best advice is to seek professional help (doctor, e.g. a psychiatrist).

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Q. I wish to know whether consumption of probiotics in the form of medicine will have any side effects. I wish to know whether consumption of probiotics in the form of medicine will have any side effects. I wish to know the probable causes that could reduce them in gut?

A. Taking probiotics in pill form might have some side effect especially if taken in excess may lead to some gut infections. You may also feel formation of gas in stomach. Taking on antibiotics or consumption of any toxic food can reduce the probiotics in the guts.

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At SGIA, Sun Chemical launched the MTG UV hard coat system for use in making formable and non-formable automotive, appliance, cell phone, and medical parts.
"Our formable poly and sealable paper webs protect sterile products, and crimped or folded edges threaten the integrity of that sterility," Murray explains.
LesCare Kitchens' new Sistematic Glos has a raised panel door with white gloss polmeric formable laminate on a high density fiberboard core.
These composites often are tougher, lighter, more impact resistant and more easily formable than the metal, glass, wood and other materials they replace.
said the acquisition of the patents strengthens relationships as the company looks forward to launch the next generation of transparent and conducting films for a wide-range of formable, foldable and flexible displays.
Lightweight and formable Makrolon[R] SL polycarbonate sheet from Covestro LLC fit the bill.
The system that lights up the dress comprises a flexible and formable film made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).
"It will allow P&O to be very competitive in providing formable webs and lid stocks for a wide variety of horizontal form/fill/seal applications, as well as vertical form/fill/seal applications for food packaging and moisture and chemical protection for industrial customers.
For applications sensitive to passive intermodulation distortion, Pasternack Enterprises recently introduced a series of low PIM cable jumpers with formable coax.
The majority of the cable assemblies are built using formable 0.141 or 0.250 low PIM coax, while assemblies using half-inch flexible and superflexible low PIM coax are also available.
Irvine, CA, July 23, 2014 --( Pasternack Enterprises, Inc., an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of RF, microwave and millimeter wave products, introduces an all new series of low PIM cable jumpers with formable coax.