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A land region with a high concentration of trees, which is divided into an overstory (canopy or upper tree layer) and an understory of vegetation, which is further divided into a shrub layer, herb layer and, depending on the ecosystem, also a moss layer.


an extensive wood or tract of wooded country.

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Q. Do you know where can I find alcoholism treatment centers in Forest Grove, Pennsylvania? My stepmother is asking for my help to find an alcoholism treatment center where she can admit her daughter. Sabina, my stepsister has been addicted to alcohol ever since our dad died. Though we weren't very close, I still want her back to her normal state for she's still my sister. Please help me.

A. Look in the phone book for AA or Alcoholics Anonymous and call and you will find the best answer for your particular questions. Don't wait.

Pittsburgh Area Central Office
401 Wood Street
Suite 906
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
United States

24 Hour Answering Service (Washington, PA)
Washington, PENNSYLVANIA 15301
United States

521 Club, The - A recovery clubhouse. Hosts Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings. (717) 299-9397 or (717) 509-6920. 2400 Butter Road. Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Northeastern Pennsylvania Alcoholics Anonymous - Includes Forest City, Hotline (570) 654-0488.

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The gun was confiscated and Forester was banned from possessing any air-powered weapon for 18 months.
Tom also served as president of the National Association of State Foresters (NASF) and the national council of the Society of American Foresters (SAF).
The 2009 Forester is built on an all-new platform featuring a longer wheelbase for better road handling and generous space, especially rear seat leg room.
Doll, executive vice president, Subaru of America, 'The previous Forester had become a byword for practicality and durability and we knew the 2009 Forester had a tough act to follow.
It gives the latest Forester average fuel consumption in the mid-40s and emissions of 167g/km - but it's a hefty premium to pay over the petrol engined model, which is available from pounds 17,995.
Unlike the previous Forester, which was more of a four-wheel-drive estate, the new version is in the vein of modern SUVs such as Honda's CR-V and the Toyota RAV4.
The top range XSn Forester comes with a full colour touchscreen sat nav system and leather upholstery but will set you back pounds 25,495.
Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., the maker of Subaru cars, released its fully restyled Subaru Forester in Japan on Tuesday, featuring a wider interior and greater fuel efficiency.
(FHI), the maker of Subaru automobiles, today announced the debut of its new generation of Subaru Forester in Japan.
I have been a professional forester for more than 20 years - mostly as an industrial or investment forester, but I have worked also as a university research assistant and a tribal forester.
And there are misconceptions in the general public and the media about what the industry is about and what a registered professional forester does.
Additional related issues discussed during the meeting included: whether the cutting decisions made by loggers as they are harvesting are equivalent to those that would be made by a forester prior to harvest; whether loggers make consistently appropriate silvicultural decisions from the cab of a harvester or feller-buncher; and whether there is a production loss associated with directing loggers to make cut/leave decisions while they are harvesting.