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Mini-earthquakes that often precede the largest earthquake in a series
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The present index number 3.0 is the largest compared with 1.7 for the foreshock [44] and 0.5 for the microcracks in the laboratory experiment [11].
The morning after the initial foreshock, Keranen's team scrambled to install three seismometers around Prague.
The foreshock sent people scrambling, and the main shock arrived with such fury that it flattened crowded rooming houses.
The foreshock proved to be just a preview of the main event Less than 30 seconds later, a moment magnitude 7.9 earthquake struck with an epicenter located just seven miles from the center of San Francisco.
1(a), AEs caused by the fracture of individual asperities exhibit similar characteristics to the sequence for natural earthquakes, including foreshock, mainshock, and aftershock events.
23 is now believed to have been the foreshock of the stronger earthquake that struck Nov.
At almost precisely 5.12am local time, a foreshock happened in the San Francisco Bay area.
One attention-focusing foreshock of such an upheaval was last year's six-month strike in the commercials industry carried out by SAG-AFTRA, the longest actors' walkout in the history of Hollywood.
But today's rumble is but a mild foreshock of a tectonic demographic shift, a jolt that British Author Paul Wallace describes as an "agequake."
when that first tremor struck, a foreshock through which few in the city slept.
The quake was 11 times stronger than the 6.4-magnitude quake "foreshock" the previous day, according to the United States Geological Survey.