forensic odontologist

for·en·sic o·don·tol·o·gist

(fŏr-en'sik ō-don-tol'ŏ-jist)
Dental clinician who practices in the field of forensic dentistry.
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Dr Sallis plans to return to work as a dentist in Chester but aspires to become a registered forensic odontologist with BAFO where she may be asked to help on missing persons cases in the UK or abroad.
Challenges faced by investigators and forensic teams in high profile cases such as shootings in the US, along with lessons learned from the September 11 attacks, will be discussed by Office of the Chief Examiner of the City of New York assistant chief forensic odontologist Kenneth Aschheim, who will give a presentation along with Clark County coroner John Fudenberg.
In contrast, forensic odontology has no corpus of the distribution of tooth and mouth characteristics to use as a baseline; instead, a court will have to take the word of a forensic odontologist that a particular bitemark is a reflection of some rare tooth or mouth configuration.
Foundational validity also requires reliability: does the method consistently lead to the same results across both time and the forensic odontologist applying the method?
McDonald, Chief Forensic Odontologist, Montgomery County Coroner's Office.
The Role of the Forensic Odontologist in Disaster Victim Identification: A Brief Review.
The Lysistrata "Rest of the World" award was awarded to Helena Ranta, a Finnish forensic odontologist.
In the scientific session, Associate Professor Radiology Department Allied Hospital, Dr Anjum Mehdi, Head of Forensic Medicine Sargodha Medical college, Dr Nadir Ali and Forensic Odontologist Office of Surgeon Medico Legal Lahore, Dr Humayun Baig presented research papers in their respective fields.
al.Gender Determination: A view of forensic odontologist. Ind J Forensic Med Path 2011; 4(4):147-51.
There no POLICE Sheasby, a forensic odontologist at Glasgow University, told Jennifer Bain, prosecuting, a cast of Park's teeth was taken and he photographed the mark on Madison's leg.
The court hearing was told identification was carried out by forensic odontologist Dr Mary Clarke.
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