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The lock of hair that grows just above the forehead.
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A lock of hair that grows from or falls on the forehead, especially the part of a horse's mane that falls forward between the ears.
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A lock of hair that grows on the forehead.

white forelock

A white tuft of hair that grows on the forehead. It is associated with Waardenburg syndrome, and is seen in vitiligo.
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I will pursue this line of reasoning and will not be silenced on this matter so you, sir, can also "get over it." Sorry but no bowing and touching the forelock this time!
I am also told, that because we are in the EU, the forelock must be tugged to offer the construction of it, to other European countries.
They are laying waste to communities as families reel under the threat of the sack and our elected representatives are meant to just tug the forelock. Dream on.
Hopefully, Terry will have reminded the full-back that grovelling up to an opponent for his shirt at half time may be acceptable in Portugal, but here players ought to have a damn more self-respect and not go tugging their forelock to the man who's just put your Champions League place in jeopardy.
In 1992, for example, investigators found the mutated gene behind Waardenburg's syndrome, a condition characterized by deafness, widely spaced eyes that are sometimes mismatched in color, and a white forelock (SN: 5/2/92, p.
WPLEASE remember to tug your forelock as you cross into England.
Members immediately fell on one knee, touched their forelocks (those who had a forelock to touch) and addressed the foolish one with "wouldst thou" and "Sire".
My only concern is that the new set of commandments may not be to my liking, "Thou shalt not drive a diesel car!" "Thou shalt tug thy forelock to thy master!" and of course "Thou shalt not take industrial action without an overwhelming majority vote, even if your masters be cruel fat cats and you are in poverty!" I may not be Moses but Cameron thinks he's the Pharaoh all right.
Whilst it is true that the majority of people may support the monarchy and establishment I, as part of a significant minority, refuse to tug my forelock to my 'betters'.
I CAN only assume that the forelock tugging blind support for both Government and opposition views expressed in the Examiner this week come from fully paid up party members.
In a new "independent" Scotland he would have us bowing the knee and tugging the forelock to an unelected and dysfunctional family for centuries to come.
He was respectful but wasn't tugging his forelock to his predecessor.