foreign protein

for·eign pro·tein

a protein that differs from any protein normally found in the organism in question.
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Upon recognition of such foreign protein fragments, T cells kill the aberrant cells.
This affinity matrix was selected due to the isolation of targeted molecule from the abudance of foreign protein which can be purified using high recovery and fold in single step through a specific binding of ChE bound to the matrix and selectively removed under elution phase by the increase of ionic strength using high salt concentration.
Most serologic tests aim to detect antibodies produced from the body's response to an antigen or foreign protein of an infectious organism.
Looking for some small foreign protein in that very complicated background is not easy.
Foreign protein production in plant tissue cultures; Curr Opin Biotechnol 1999; 11: 199-204.
An allergic reaction is caused by an overreaction of the body's immune system to a foreign protein (an allergen) that is either inhaled, eaten, touched or injected.
Commercially available sutures made from natural proteins such as silk and catgut are absorbable by the body but often trigger inflammation due to their foreign protein structure that differs from what the body itself produces.
the dendritic cells, to recognize OFA/iLRP as a foreign protein and to have them direct the immune system against the cancer cells.
When such a display is absent, the immune system is not capable of discovering the presence of the foreign protein.
When gene engineers splice a foreign protein into a food product, they most often link it to another gene, called an antibiotic-resistance marker (ARM) gene.
Researchers have announced the creation of a genetically engineered chicken that can consistently churn out a foreign protein in the eggs it lays.
Deviation of immune response, in which the vaccines act as cofactors in impaired regulation, is also a possibility, while molecular mimicry in which the immune system reacts to both a foreign protein and a self-antigen that resembles it, is probably rare, Dr.

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