foreign body reaction

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1. not normal or usual to a place.
2. in immunology, pertaining to substances not recognized as “self” and capable of inducing an immune response.
foreign body reaction a granulomatous inflammatory response evoked by the presence of a foreign body in the tissues; a characteristic feature of this is the formation of foreign body giant cells (see giant cell).

for·eign bod·y re·ac·tion

(fōrin bodē rē-akshŭn)
Protective response by the immune system to a foreign body; includes chronic inflammation and granulomatous formations around the intrusive object.

foreign body reaction

A localized inflammatory response elicited by any material (e.g., a splinter or a suture) that would not normally be found within the body.
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[22] maintained that no foreign body reaction to collagen/Vicryl occurred after 3 months, but that foreign body reaction to LHD and swine skin persisted.
Cellular and molecular dynamics in the foreign body reaction. Tissue Eng 2006;12(7):1955-70.
(1,2,5,7,8,14,15) FG has several benefits such as shorter operation time than suturing, less corneal irritation, less granulomatous foreign body reaction and stromal inflammation.
In our study, the histological and immunofluorescence evaluation showed that the continuous degradation of PCL/PTMC scaffolds induced a stronger macrophage-mediated foreign body reaction than PCL scaffold.
Other disadvantages of glue include: the cost (about $30 per vial), the frequent necessity of subcutaneous sutures (because the glue cannot be placed inside a wound due to the risk of a foreign body reaction), and that the glue can be picked off or dissolved with petrolatumbased products such as Polysporin.
Among noninfectious cases, granulomatous perichondritis of the nasal ala, sarcoidlike foreign body reaction from multiple piercing, paraphimosis from a distal penis pierce, and speech impairment, together with difficulty in chewing and swallowing from oral jewelry, have been reported (1,2,9,10).
Pseudofolliculitis barbae, also known as "razor bumps," is an inflammatory foreign body reaction thought to be produced by curved hairs growing back into the skin, said Dr.
Facial nerves of the rats were histopathologically examined in terms of inflammation, formation of granulation tissue, and foreign body reaction and scored as follows:
The presence of the molar orthodontic tube foreign body reaction was suspected as the most probable cause of the recurrent right cheek pain and swelling associated with an intraoral discharging sinus.
It may be associated with a foreign body reaction, which appears as a homogeneous mass surrounding the dense wooden foreign body with a density similar to the adjacent extraocular muscles.
Diagnosis of maxillary sinus CG is based on microscopic analysis of a foreign body reaction characterized by foreign body giant cells and longitudinal cholesterol clefts, granulocytes, foam cells, and macrophages filled with hemosiderin [2, 3].