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one of the five digits of the hand.
baseball finger mallet finger.
clubbed finger one affected by clubbing.
hammer finger mallet f.
index finger forefinger.
mallet finger partial permanent flexion of the terminal phalanx of a finger caused by a ball or other object striking the end or back of the finger, resulting in rupture of the attachment of the extensor tendon. Called also baseball or hammer finger.
webbed f's syndactyly of the fingers.
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in·dex fin·ger

the second finger (the thumb being counted as the first).
Synonym(s): digitus (manus) secundus [II] [II]* ☆ , forefinger, index (1) , second finger
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His ring, middle and forefinger were partially amputated so that all fingers are now the same length.
He said: "The club hit me on the tip of my right forefinger and crushed it.
Elizabeth R showed her class when, instead of sticking a great big forefinger up her snoz, she very delicately used her pinkie finger.
This may reflect the Roman practice of a man swearing to tell the truth by touching his forefinger to his testicles to bring sterility upon himself if he lies, the researchers propose.
Standing behind a "starting line," hold the spoon handle parallel to the floor, with forefinger knuckle on top of handle and thumb below.
It gets them to use their forefinger to point and then the finger-and-thumb grasp to pick up something small.
Now my hands are swollen on the back and my thumb and forefinger get numb.
The victim's right forefinger was sliced off above the knuckle and Grieve pleaded guilty on the first day of his trial.
To close all you need to do is pull the buttons back a little with your thumb and forefinger. The way I do it is to unlock the blade and then close by pressing the back-side against my pocket.
Exmoor-based explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes lost the tips of a thumb and forefinger in a recent unsuccessful attempt.
Buchanan and her colleagues had 50 volunteers shake open-ended vials of rubbing alcohol between thumb and forefinger, thus collecting samples of compounds from their fingertips.
Then I took half-inch sections from ear to ear across the crown and, with the thumb and forefinger, rolled the hair back into twisted sections, using the baby clamps to secure the twists in place.