force platform

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a flat horizontal surface higher than the level of the areas around it.
force platform a small platform that measures variations in downward force between different points on its surface, for assessing stability of stance and posture as a person stands on it. Called also force plate.

force plat·form

(fōrs plat'fōrm),
A device used to measure the strength, symmetry, and latency of compensatory postural movements when visual, vestibular, and somatosensory stimuli are varied.
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In this study, we included force platform evaluations to avoid training and learning effect of BSS.
A limitation of this study was the constraint of having only one force platform.
The results showed a negative correlation between MFES and force platform parameters, of which the Extent x and Mean x speed were statistically significant.
Surface EMG of major muscle groups has been used to study movement characteristics in both dancers (5) and non-dancers, (6) often in synchrony with motion capture techniques and force platforms.
This test was performed on the clinical force platform system and several temporal and kinetic parameters from the system were obtained to represent general performances in different subject groups.
The natural turf (30mm deep) was attached firmly using clay to smooth plates, which were screwed onto the top of each force platform (Janaway and Dyson, 2000; Worsfold et al.
Acquisition of an analysis of the strengths for the biomechanical force platform system.
The plates were screwed onto the top of each force platform and a 35 mm vertical offset applied to account for the plate and turf depth.