force platform

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a flat horizontal surface higher than the level of the areas around it.
force platform a small platform that measures variations in downward force between different points on its surface, for assessing stability of stance and posture as a person stands on it. Called also force plate.

force plat·form

(fōrs plat'fōrm),
A device used to measure the strength, symmetry, and latency of compensatory postural movements when visual, vestibular, and somatosensory stimuli are varied.
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Force platform recordings in the diagnosis of primary orthostatic tremor.
In practice, a force platform is commonly considered the gold standard to measure limb loading in lower limbs [24].
Briefly, a snapshot of each landing on the force platform was saved from the video files.
The posturogram signals were registered by means of the force platform MA-1 and analyzed using the customer designed software.
A comparison of vertical force and temporal parameters produced by an in-shoe pressure measuring system and a force platform.
All you nave to do is stand on a force platform and do nothing for 30 seconds," Chow says.
com where she led the market launch of Salesforce's Chatter and Force platform, serving as Senior Director, Integrated Global Campaigns, Nijmeh brings a depth and breadth of experience to LiveHive at a period of high growth for the company, as it ramps up to meet increasing demand for its Sales Engagement Platform.
Trials were excluded if participants used their arms or missed either force platform during landing, in which case additional trials were collected until 10 acceptable trials were available for analysis.
The static single leg stance test and the consecutive countermovement jump test were performed on a force platform (BP600900; Advance Mechanical Technology Inc.
Now, in a report that has appeared in the journal Gait and Posture, Clark's team has confirmed that the board's data is clinically comparable to that of a force platform.
The most accessible and common method of detection of the sway parameters is the measurement of the position of the centre of pressure (COP) using the force platform.
He describes horizontal integration as the ability to fuse data from every Air Force platform into a single repository of information, such as crews, planes, targets and loads.