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a flat horizontal surface higher than the level of the areas around it.
force platform a small platform that measures variations in downward force between different points on its surface, for assessing stability of stance and posture as a person stands on it. Called also force plate.
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force plat·form

(fōrs plat'fōrm),
A device used to measure the strength, symmetry, and latency of compensatory postural movements when visual, vestibular, and somatosensory stimuli are varied.
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Force platforms are considered a gold standard for measuring postural alignment in static and dynamic tasks.
This test assesses reactive postural control in response to anterior and posterior perturbations induced by movements of the force platform surface.
The subject's jump performance was evaluated for all jumping conditions using kinetic data obtained from the force platform. The ground reaction force (GRF) was taken as the highest force recorded on the force time record for the takeoff phase of each jump.
The voltages generated by the load cells of the force platform are also processed by an independent but identical set of voltage amplifiers and a DAQ card.
Markers were also placed on the force platform, the SLED frame, the seat back, and the rolling platform.
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Figure 1 depicts exemplar EMG and force platform recordings from the quiet stance assessment.
At baseline and after 12 months all subjects were evaluated with a compass-needle pocket goniometer (IncliMed(r)) for spinal mobility and a force platform balance, with eyes both open and shut.
The investigators also conducted a gait analysis using six cameras and a force platform. The participants walked across the platform, and "from this we can determine the loads on the joints," Dr.
The investigators also conducted a gait analysis with six cameras and a force platform. Participants walked across the platform, and "from this we can determine the loads on the joints," Dr.
Since crutch use changes the center of gravity, the crutch tips were placed in standardized positions on the force platform such that the velocity of sway was calculated within a theoretical center of gravity with the different types of crutches.