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energy or power; that which originates or arrests motion or other activity.
Forces resulting from a fall are transmitted up to the spine through the long leg bones and pelvis. From McQuillan et al., 2002.
electromotive force the force that, by reason of differences in potential, causes a flow of electricity from one place to another, giving rise to an electric current.
reserve force energy above that required for normal functioning. In the heart it is the power that will take care of the additional circulatory burden imposed by bodily exertion.
shearing f's see shear.
van der Waals f's the relatively weak, short-range forces of attraction existing between atoms and molecules, which results in the attraction of nonpolar organic compounds to each other (hydrophobic bonding).
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force (F),

The external factor that causes a change in the state of rest, motion, or direction (or both), or shape of a fixed body.
[L. fortis, strong]
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Biomechanics A quantifiable directional energy source
Physics A vector quantity—i.e., has both magnitude and direction—measured in newtons—N; the force of gravity acting on a 1 kg mass is 9.81 N; F=ma
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(F) (fōrs)
1. That which tends to produce motion in a body.
2. Application of energy to initiate motion.
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The external factor that causes a change in the state of rest, motion, or direction (or both), or shape of a fixed body.
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