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1. to determine the extent or quantity of a substance.
2. a specific extent or quantity of a substance.
3. a graduated scale by which the dimensions or mass of an object or substance may be determined. See Tables of Weights and Measures in Appendix.
assistive measure a nursing intervention in the nursing minimum data set, in which the nurse facilitates activities of daily living (such as hygiene, exercise, rest, or grooming), provides physical comfort, and maintains a therapeutic environment.
m's of central tendency statistical procedures for determining the center of a distribution of scores; they include the mode, the mean, and the median.
m's of dispersion statistical procedures for examining how scores vary or are dispersed around the mean. These include the range, the difference scores, the sum of squares, the variance, and the standard deviation.
Functional Independence measure FIM; a standardized assessment instrument of functional status that is part of the Uniform Data Set for Medical Rehabilitation; it tests 23 items in seven areas of function and uses a seven-point scale for each item. It can be used clinically as an outcome measure, and a data pool is being established that will be large enough for prediction and comparison of functional outcomes. A pediatric version called the Wee-FIM is also available.
supportive measure a nursing intervention in the nursing minimum data set, defined as action through which the nurse provides support of life functions and needed sustenance such as oxygen, nutrition, or fluids.


(me'zhŭr), Avoid the mispronunciation māzh'er.
1. To determine the magnitude or quantity of a substance by comparing it against some accepted standard or by calculation.
2. A specified magnitude of a physical quantity.
3. A graduated instrument used to measure an object or substance.
[O.F. mesure, fr. L. mensura, fr. metior, to measure]


noun A scale by which a thing can be quantified.

verb To quantify a thing or process.


Medtalk A scale by which a thing can be quantified. See Binary outcome measure, Health-related quality of care measure, Outcomes measure, Performance measure.

Patient discussion about measure

Q. what measures are in place to ensure the safety of vaccines. Hello there, I read the previous question which was asked by Edmund. This question made me to think, what measures are in place to ensure the safety of vaccines.

A. Not only related to Autism, we have to be very cautious when we vaccine for other diseases too. As with all medical products, vaccines undergo extensive testing to document their efficacy and to explore potential harms. Before a potential vaccine is licensed for use, FDA scientists conduct a thorough and independent review of the testing data and often employ the help of an FDA public advisory review committee. In addition, FDA rigorously oversees the manufacturing process for vaccines used in this country - including approval of each step in the process and on site inspection. Following licensure, vaccines continue to be monitored through information shared by parents, doctors, and other public health officials.

Q. Friends, I want to help others to take precautionary measure to reduce the risk of breast cancer? Friends, I want to help others to take precautionary measure. What can be used to reduce the risk of breast cancer?

A. Justin,when drugs are used to reduce the risk of cancer in healthy people, it is called chemoprevention. This is a fairly new and fast-growing area of cancer research. Many clinical studies have shown that the drugs tamoxifen and raloxifene may reduce the risk of breast cancer in women known to have an increased risk. Other studies are looking at newer drugs called aromatase inhibitors to find out if they may help reduce risk. Herbs and dietary supplements are also being studied to find out if they might help reduce risk.

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