food service administrator

food ser·vice ad·min·is·tra·tor

(fūd sĕŕvis ad-mińi-strātŏr)
A nutrition specialist with a professional certificate or an associate degree who is trained to manage alimentation in an institutional operation.
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Bradley, M.D., medical director; Glenn Thomas, Ph.D., clinical services director; Joyce Bednarek Starr, substance abuse services administrator; Jackie Carter, medical programs administrator; Eleanor Kalfs, medical programs administrator; Carol Metz, health services administrator; Pat Sarosi, health services administrator; Pam Robbins, health services administrator; Karen Bryan, health services administrator; Anne Gilstrap, food service administrator; and Bonita J.
A pro se federal prisoner, an Orthodox Jew, sued a warden and a prison's food service administrator, alleging they had infringed on his First Amendment right to free exercise of religion by requiring him to fill out a standard prison form in order to receive kosher meals.
Unlike today's food service systems, which are held together by a single contract or by university self-provision, a VFS would be bound together by a singular university management (probably the current food service administrator) and would be enabled by information technologies -- a virtual meal plan debit card (VMC).
The food service administrator, which is Monem's former position, no longer can approve any food purchase on his own authority.
Benitez, assistant chief sheriff/food service, San Diego Sheriff's Department; Bud Chambers, correctional sales, CAMBRO manufacturing company; Barbara Holly, CDM, CCFP, CFPP, food service administrator Alabama DOC; Franklin Spielman, CFP, (retired), International Association of Food Service Professionals; Gail Wood-Toulmin, CFPM, assistant food service supervisor, Collin County Sheriff's Office.
SPS food service administrators jumped at the chance to reinvent their program during the three-year study.
The team - which sought a cross-section of rural and urban and large and small districts in different regions, in varying stages with their farm-to-school efforts - will tour school kitchens and cafeterias and meet food service administrators, purchasing directors, local farmers and others with a stake in the issue, Kemple said.
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