food sensitivity

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food sensitivity/hypersensitivity reaction

sensitivity to food items that is not a food allergy and does not involve the immune system. See also food allergy.

food intolerance

Fringe medicine
Per Dr RC Atkins, food intolerances can be identified by applied kinesiology, cytotoxic testing, observing the patient after placing the food on the tongue, interpreting the elevations of blood sugar and with electroacupuncture.

Mainstream medicine
An adverse reaction to specific foods, which occurs in an estimated 10% of the population; food intolerances are often chronic and may cause severe illness. The term food intolerance has been mistakenly regarded as a synonym of food allergy; unlike food intolerances, food allergies are predictable, often severe, and involve immunoglobulin E and the release of histamine from mast cells.
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A food sensitivity examination was performed with the idea of reducing the level of immune system upregulation as well as reducing stress on the gut barrier.
The study, based on more than 4,500 adults from 13 countries, discovered those from Portland, Oregon, in the US, nearly 25 per cent, had higher prevalence of food sensitivity when compared with those in Iceland (11 per cent) and Spain.
Food intolerance and food allergies are a growing concern, with an estimated 20 to 30 per cent of UK adults and children now claiming to suffer from food sensitivity.
Cooking for those with multiple food sensitivities is difficult, especially since food sensitivity tends to run in families.
This is a controversial field, and the internist or conventional allergist often fails to acknowledge the fact that food sensitivity may play an important role.
A food sensitivity can have similar symptoms of food allergies (sinus congestion, fatigue, mouth sores, skin rashes, headaches, bloating), but it is usually diminished with the proper enzyme supplementation, food combining, or diet modification.
Staff also offer tests to help vets diagnose and treat gut conditions such as food sensitivity.
The company also runs a profile of tests to help vets diagnose and treat a variety of gut conditions, such as food sensitivity.
Five to 10 per cent of the population with food sensitivity seems too high.
Briffa believes many complaints are caused by food sensitivity ( in the cases of asthma and eczema, for example, the sensitivity is often to cow's milk and related products like cheese.
Testing children two to three years old for pollen sensitivity without testing for food sensitivity is a mistake because of this sequence of sensitization, along with the sequence of clinical expression of disease that begins with eczema or atopic dermatitis in infants up to 18 months of age.
The next Food Sensitivity Day will be on Thursday July 29th.

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