food sensitivity

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food sensitivity/hypersensitivity reaction

sensitivity to food items that is not a food allergy and does not involve the immune system. See also food allergy.

food intolerance

Fringe medicine
Per Dr RC Atkins, food intolerances can be identified by applied kinesiology, cytotoxic testing, observing the patient after placing the food on the tongue, interpreting the elevations of blood sugar and with electroacupuncture.

Mainstream medicine
An adverse reaction to specific foods, which occurs in an estimated 10% of the population; food intolerances are often chronic and may cause severe illness. The term food intolerance has been mistakenly regarded as a synonym of food allergy; unlike food intolerances, food allergies are predictable, often severe, and involve immunoglobulin E and the release of histamine from mast cells.
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When a migraine is associated with a food sensitivity, the reaction typically occurs within an hour.
I was troubled by chronic back and neck pain as well as a string of digestive and food sensitivity issues that extenuated my general ill health, fueled by clinical depression, to the point that I could no longer continue," Field says.
This enables us to adapt our recipes to please the taste of each individual guest and address food sensitivity issues," explains Sharyn Brinker, Owner of Mariposa.
were consistent with the presentations of food sensitivity sufferers reported for decades.
Hormones, food sensitivity, stress and muscular problems can all be triggers for a migraine.
When patients are assessed for food sensitivity and those foods identified by testing are eliminated from the diet, many report significant improvement in their symptoms.
The German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG) stresses that elimination diets probably help only when a child has a proven food sensitivity or allergy.
Food sensitivity testing, for people wanting to discover if ailments are related to the food they eat, will be held at Insight, 165 Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough, on February 9.
Briffa believes many complaints are caused by food sensitivity - in the cases of asthma and eczema, for example, the sensitivity is often to cow's milk and related products like cheese.
The symptoms of food sensitivity may not be life-threatening but they are very real and seriously affect people's well-being," says Dr David Gertner, an NHS consultant gastroenterologist who frequently looks at food sensitivities when helping his patients cope with irritable bowel syndrome.
Unlike being truly allergic to a particular food, which results in an acute immediate reaction via the immune system, and can be life-threatening, food sensitivity is less severe.
REPORTS in leading medical magazines such as the British Medical Journal and the Lancet link food sensitivity to a wide variety of ailments.

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