food sensitivity

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food intolerance

Fringe medicine
Per Dr RC Atkins, food intolerances can be identified by applied kinesiology, cytotoxic testing, observing the patient after placing the food on the tongue, interpreting the elevations of blood sugar and with electroacupuncture.

Mainstream medicine
An adverse reaction to specific foods, which occurs in an estimated 10% of the population; food intolerances are often chronic and may cause severe illness. The term food intolerance has been mistakenly regarded as a synonym of food allergy; unlike food intolerances, food allergies are predictable, often severe, and involve immunoglobulin E and the release of histamine from mast cells.
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The NIAID also recommends against basophil histamine release/activation, lymphocyte stimulation, hair analysis, allergen-specific IgG, cytotoxicity assays, electro-dermal test (Vega), and mediator release assay (LEAP diet) food sensitivity testing, because they lack scientific evidence.
The authors suggested that the allergy-like presentation is likely to the most common form of NCWS and that the pathogenesis of patients suffering from NCWS alone is likely to be different to those suffering from multiple food sensitivity.
Food sensitivity could be stopping you lose weight, says doctor who also claims low fat diets can make you HEAVIER.
Food sensitivity can cause fatigue, mood swings and even dark circles under the eyes.
They are technologically innovative, high quality and we can depend on them to support our ALCAT Test customers in the region," stated Deutsch.Cell Science Systems (CSS), located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, is a life sciences company and the worldwide market leader in food sensitivity testing as the manufacturer of the ALCAT Test.
The NHS estimates approximately one third of the UK population has a food allergy (approximately 20million people) and many more have a food sensitivity (intolerance).
The research, by Imperial College London, found people from US, Germany, Italy and Norway suffered more from food sensitivity reactions.
If these are your symptoms go have a food sensitivity test.
Steps to Relief From Inflammation and Food Sensitivity
"Many people confuse an allergy with a food sensitivity, but the two are not the same," explains Jane Hersey, author of Why Can't My Child Behave and Director of the Feingold Association.
'Food intolerance and food allergies are a growing concern, with an estimated 20 to 30 per cent of UK adults and children now claiming to suffer from food sensitivity.
Cooking for those with multiple food sensitivities is difficult, especially since food sensitivity tends to run in families.

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